The Process

The Process

Building a website that looks better, performs better, & gets your message across.

My approach is straightforward, with no trade secrets. We’ll assess your goals, criteria, timeline, budget, and how we’ll achieve desired results. You’ll receive a written estimate which upon your approval becomes our contract.

A website project is more often than not, a collaborative effort (some minimal, some fully!).  Your participation, and that of your staff, is welcomed. We’ll brainstorm; organize site design, flow & function, gather the pieces, and create an easily navigated site that grabs your visitor’s attention and tells your story…gets your message across, inspiring confidence and interest in what you have to offer!

The following information may give you a good idea of what to consider and what’s involved, ultimately helping to simplify the process of creating or upgrading your website.

Start with a Domain Name & Web Hosting

Domain Name
Your site’s web address. Mine is: If you don’t already have a domain name, I can help.

Web Hosting
The server space where your site (files) will reside. If you don’t already have a web host, I can help with this too.
Fee for Domain, Web Host and Email setup is $50.

Building a Website: Things to Consider

Your Market
Who are they? What will entice them and help you stand out among your competition? What type of image do you want to present? If you have already have a marketing plan, I can build your site based on established branding, guidelines and specs. If not, I can help you. With social media providing a platform for networking, possibly your website is like your business card, easily accessible quick reference, and all your really need is a defining, simple site, online store, or web page.

The cost to build your website is largely determined by who does the most homework. Preparation for building a site (research, strategy, concept, choosing and providing the elements) and later marketing the site are often more time consuming than actually building the site. Whether a site re-design or new site please view the Pricing page, or contact me and we’ll evaluate what can be done within your budget and set up a timeline.

From scratch or a site re-design?
If an existing was built with outdated tools or software, then you’ll want it brought up to date to stay fashionable and for security, features available, and ease of future updates and upgrades. Quite often an existing website already includes many desirable elements (good text and images), but the site just needs minor tweaks or image enhancement to make a major difference; taking it from tacky to classy. Any combination of the core elements (design, navigational flow, text copy, images) might need attention and re-organization to boost your site to a professional and tasteful presentation as well as improve your site’s search engine rankings.  You may want your current site converted to a fresh WordPress theme so you can make updates or blog.  A fresh site re-design can be relatively inexpensive and effective!

Who will provide/create/enhance and approve the design and content elements?
You may provide the logo, look & feel, graphics/artwork, photos, text content, layout – or ask me to develop these.

Great images and brilliant text content make all the difference!
Of course, so do clever videos. Videos can even be used as a page or section of a page, background. Lots of creative possibilities that are easy to include.

How content is displayed in large part determines how well your site works for you with your intended audience. Some sites benefit from fancy features;  calls to action, slideshows, photo galleries, featured content, event calendars, property or classified listings, integration with other sites, etc. Others may perform better without all the bells and whistles. In any case, there’s an abundance of ways to creatively utilize available tools to create the site that will work its hardest for you; be easily navigable and assimilated by your visitors.

e-Commerce / Online Store
Selling goods online keeps getting easier. We’ll assess your goals and provide a solution to fit your needs. Add products, update pricing and manage your content easily and effectively. Our eCommerce solutions can be integrated with paypal or one of our payment processor partners to allow you to easily take payments online.

A word about WordPress
WordPress was originally developed as a blogging tool, but it has become a great content management system (CMS). In other words, it works well as the engine for most websites. With WordPress, you can update your site and/or blog in an easy-to-use administration panel. In other cases, building a straight HTML-based site may be more appropriate. WordPress requires periodic upgrades  to insure maximum performance and security.

Show me What You Like!
Send me links to other sites that appeal to you or have features or a look you like. I can mimic any site design or feature, simple or elaborate, and tailor it to become your own.

After a site is built…


Training & Support
If desired, I’ll guide you through how to manage site updates yourself and will provide ongoing support.

Attracting Visitors / Reaching Your Target Audience
Have a plan to reach your people, generate interest and maintain a buzz.
– Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – You want to show up high on Google, Bing, and on other search engine’s results.
– Social Media – If applicable, integrate with Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
– Network, network, network. Don’t rely strictly on showing up on Google.  Consider email campaigns, blogs, forums.
– Get your site featured in local and/or relevant trade listings. Yelp, Google Places, etc.
– Advertising – AdWords, Facebook, etc.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
I generally cover basic SEO work on all sites. Sites that aren’t particularly unique and have common search words (keywords) will need more aggressive SEO to compete and show up in search results. There is a fee for an initial evaluation and to implement advanced SEO. Depending on performance results, it could be advantageous to re-evaluate and maintain SEO every few months or so.

Social Media
Social Media works, for many sites/businesses, if you work it. Facebook, Linked In, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Yelp, Google+, and the list goes on. Accounts need to be set up and populated with images and great copy. Maybe offer a deal, coupons, one-click purchase from Facebook… any number of possibilities.

Positive Reviews and Testimonials
… go a long way!  Getting reviewed and compiling testimonials pays off.

..and that’s all folks!