Bumping things up a notch, launched right out of my comfort zone and into the arena of marketing my own business–here goes..!!!

First, a sincere thank you to everyone that’s kept me busy as ArtistPages.net, and able to rely on referrals.

As Cat’s Websites I still create, fix, & maintain websites.  I’ve settled into the niche of developing quality websites in the $300-3000 range.  Making diligent note of the work of expert marketing advisors, graphic artists, designers, and programmers, I aim to follow suit resulting in a well-rounded skill set that ties it all together.  A general practitioner with specialists on hand if needed.

More website for less $.  The rapid evolution of software continues to open doors to innovative, yet inexpensive, ways of approaching design and function.  The last few years I have built most sites in WordPress using a customizable theme (template).  There are also many beautifully designed templates available, ready t0  be populated with images, content, and personalized flair.  This avenue allows more time (as in time=$) to be spent on content development, social media marketing, search engine optimization, and do-it-yourself training.

Taking the no trade secrets approach, resources are available on CatsWebsites.com for do-it-yourself’ers of any level.

Please pass along to anyone who might need website help!  And if you’re so inclined, please like/recommend/share on Facebook, LinkedIn, or wherever.

Thank You!!

 ~ Catherine