Web Design, Development, & Maintenance

Grow your web presence with a website that looks better, performs better, and gets your message across.

Engaging Presentation • Friendly Navigation
Efficient Function • Effective Promotion
Device Compatibility • Easy Maintenance

Engaging Presentation
Efficient Function
Effective Promotion
Friendly Navigation
Device Compatibility
Easy Maintenance

Goals, Vision, Criteria

Need a new website? A re-design? Do you want to sell products or services online? Generate more traffic to your existing site? I can do it.
As my past clients will attest, I have a knack for intuitive interpretation of client needs, building collaborative, effective solutions, and meeting project objectives – on time and on budget. The way I see it, a website doesn’t need to be costly, it just needs look and perform like one that is.


New Websites & Site RedesignNew Websites
New Websites & Site RedesignRe-design/Upgrades/Tweaks
New Websites & Site RedesignE-Commerce/Online Store
New Websites & Site RedesignImage Enhancement
New Websites & Site RedesignGraphics/Logos
New Websites & Site RedesignSearch Engine Optimization
New Websites & Site RedesignTraining
New Websites & Site RedesignGeneral Assistance
New Websites & Site RedesignGrowth Strategies
New Websites & Site RedesignPhotography
New Websites & Site RedesignBookkeeping!

Additional Features

New Websites & Site RedesignSocial Media Integration
New Websites & Site RedesignOnline Payments/Donations
New Websites & Site RedesignPhoto/Video Galleries
New Websites & Site RedesignOnline Portfolios
New Websites & Site RedesignBlogs
New Websites & Site RedesignEvent Calendar/ Registration
New Websites & Site RedesignNewsletter Campaigns
New Websites & Site RedesignForms
New Websites & Site RedesignBooking/Appointments
New Websites & Site RedesignMaps
New Websites & Site Redesign …and More

Recent Projects

About Cat
I’ve had the good fortune of working alongside seasoned & creative marketing professionals, coders & programmers, and graphic artists. Thirteen years ago I made a career shift from accounting to web design, adding a satisfying creative dimension to my workdays. With my solid accounting and small business management background I pay careful attention to details and tend to think in numbers. This means I put myself in my client’s shoes. “How are you going to profit?” “What’s worth it, what’s not, and what keeps it simple?”…for you and for your customers, clients, or audience. Adhering to high standards, I provide a package that helps to facilitate growth for small businesses and other projects.
…striving to exceed your expectations.